What men think when they're inside you

Did you know a man's mind doesn't go blank when they're inside a woman. Let's find out together what they think when they're inside you.

More men, actually have a variety of thoughts before, during and after sexual activity.

Some perfectly healthy thoughts, some kind of weird thoughts, and today you're going to meet some of their thoughts.

What men think when they're inside you

When men are into you, they will think more about issues that have to do with the woman's satisfaction, because for them, it is an obligation that the woman likes him in bed.

They think about many things when they are inside, because the greatest responsibility for making the act pleasant is in their hands, so they will think a lot.

Below we've listed the most common thoughts men have when they're into you.

1. “Am I doing the right thing?”

“Does she like the slaps I'm giving her? Is he enjoying the speed at which I'm doing the back and forth movement?

These thoughts arise when he is afraid of doing things that you don't like or that you might find strange.

2. “Does she like my size?”

“Is my dick big enough for her or hard enough for her? Is she satisfied with my dick?”

These thoughts arise because men are often afraid of having a small organ for women.

3. “Is she faking it?”

“Is she really moaning or is she faking that moan? Is she not pretending that she came?

Women have the habit of pretending to moan or that they have reached orgasm, which makes men constantly wonder if they are feeling it or not.

4. “I can't come too fast”

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation often have these kinds of thoughts, in which they worry about the duration of the act.

No man wants to suffer the humiliation of reaching orgasm too quickly before satisfying his partner.

5. “Should we change positions or do something different?”

“Is she enjoying this position? Is it time to change positions? What will be the next position?”

These thoughts are the most common, because at each step during the act, the man must program the next step to be taken.

6. “Where did she learn THAT?” 

He's definitely wondering where the inspiration came from (Did she read this in a magazine? See it on a video? Learn it from her last boyfriend?

A man will obviously freak out if you make a completely new position change for him. Or if you do something like suck him.

7. “What will he think if I try…?”

“Will she accept if I ask her to…? Will she get mad if I do that?”

Many men often wonder what you would think if they tried something different, for example, slap you, say a few slightly spicy phrases.

We hope that after reading our article, you can know what men think when they're into you, so the next time you're in the act, you'll know what he's thinking.

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