What does forwarding in the instagram storie mean

Instagram allows us to publish stories on our profile, and that our followers can also forward them.

Many people still have doubts about how this referral process works and what it means on the platform from instagram.

Today we're going to talk about referrals in Instagram Stories, where you'll find out how they work and what they represent on the platform.

What does forwarding in the instagram storie mean

After you publish your story on Instagram, a metric called escalation will appear in the story data.

Forwarding means the number of times your story was skipped without being seen, i.e. people skipped your story before it ended.

That is, this metric counts the number of times someone saw the your story photo or video, but the person closed or jumped to the next one before it finished.

This metric helps you to know if people are following your studies or if they are just skipping, as a way of knowing if they are enjoying it.

When you post a photo to your Instagram story, it takes 10 seconds for it to automatically jump to another story.

If the person doesn't wait for that time to end, Instagram will count it as a forward, in which the person skipped your photo.

Other metrics from your instagram stories

What does forwarding in the instagram storie mean
What does forwarding in the instagram storie mean

In addition to forwarding in Stories, Instagram has other important metrics that measure the level of popularity of your stories.

  • Impressions: the number of times your story has been viewed.
  • Shares: The number of times your story has been shared.
  • Replies: The number of people who replied to your story.
  • Clicks on the link: the number of clicks on the link in your story
  • Navigation: the total of all Forward, Next Story, Leave, and Back metrics.

With these metrics you'll be able to know how people deal with your publications and the level of popularity you've achieved.


We hope that you enjoyed this article and that it was useful for you, and that it helped you to clarify your doubts.

If your storie's forward number is too high, maybe you should try posting more interesting photos so people can't skip.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you understood and enjoyed knowing what forwarding means in Instagram Stories.

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