What does it mean to dream about a broken tooth?

There are dreams where we don't know if we are having a normal dream or a nightmare. It is the case of dreaming about a pierced tooth.

But this is a very frequent dream from which we can get very useful messages about ourselves.

Discover in our dream dictionary all meanings related to dreaming about pierced teeth.

What does it mean to dream about a broken tooth?

Dream with a pierced tooth it means you are making room for evil spirits to enter your life.

Os teeth inside the bible it has a very strong spiritual meaning. They represent important issues in our lives.

A hole in the tooth means that there is a path where food scraps can enter and lodge in our tooth. What can trigger a cavity, or make the tooth rot.

This tells us that the hole in the tooth in your dream is the path that can allow evil spirits to enter your life.

This dream is a warning that you are weakening your faith. Which is your defense against evil beings and those who want to harm you.

To fortify your protection, you must resort to the power of the prayers in your life, so that you can increase your divine protection.

Pierced, broken, rotten teeth, or with some other problem, represent some negative problem in our life.

Dreams about teeth are only positive when the teeth are intact and healthy, as in the case of dreaming smiling.


Do not ignore the meaning and message that this dream brings you, as it is very important and cannot be left out.

After having this dream, you can start saying prayers whenever you can, to stay connected with your protective angels.

Don't be too worried, this dream doesn't represent something too terrible, just issues that can be resolved.

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