What does it mean to dream of the police running after me

Dreaming of the police chasing you would be a real nightmare for anyone, as many people are afraid of the police.

But before you despair, let me tell you that this dream does not have a heavy meaning as you might think.

This dream about the police has a hidden message and it is related to guilt or a guilty conscience for having done something wrong.

What does it mean to dream of the police chasing me

Dreaming of the police running after you, it means that you feel remorse or guilt for something done improperly, or that you did something wrong for someone else.

The police in this dream, represents the guilt or conscience that is tormenting us for having done something wrong.

You may not remember what you did wrong, but believe that there is something you did that you shouldn't have done.

It could be something very simple, like being rude to someone, or taking a little thing that isn't yours.

The examples are numerous and it would be difficult to pinpoint what you might have done wrong. Since only you can know what could have caused this guilt that is now in your mind.

This dream is a warning that your mind is aware of the wrong things you have done. Even if you don't know it or you haven't bothered to apologize.

Despite the fact that the police in real life is an entity that usually deals with crimes, this dream does not mean that you will have problems with the police.

As we have mentioned in other articles, dreams are not straightforward. That is, its meaning may be hidden and it is necessary to go further to decipher its meaning.

As in this dream most people would soon run into believing that they will be in trouble with the police soon, but this is not true.

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