What an older man likes to hear

Having a relationship with an older man has its good parts and its bad parts, and today we're going to find out what an older man likes to hear.

The good part and, at the same time, the bad part, is that he has more life experience than you, he has had more relationships than you.

Which makes it necessary on your part, a little more knowledge to be able to deal better with an older man and know what to say.

What an older man likes to hear

Now let's get into the mind of a man older, to try to find out what he most likes to hear from a woman.

An older man likes to hear things that demonstrate maturity, confidence, love and respect for him, so he will feel more valued as a man.

Dating an older man can be good because of all the experience, stability and sense of security he brings to the relationship.

1. Likes to hear Compliments

Men need that boost of self-esteem and feeling more like a man, but it's less socially acceptable for them to admit it.

tell him your best qualities as a man. That way he'll know you notice his qualities as an older man.

Examples of things to say to him;

  • I've never dated a real man like you.
  • Today I feel like I'm dating a real man.
  • Your maturity makes me feel like a more mature woman too.

2. That he is special to you

Always thank him for the small efforts he makes to serve you, but go beyond that and tell him how special he is.

Let him know you appreciate his mere existence, who he is as a person. Give him a big hug or kiss as soon as you see him.

Examples of things to say to him;

  • You always go out of your way to please me, I love that.
  • you take such good care of me
  • You are so special for me
  • You take care of me like a queen, I'm so lucky

3. That he satisfies you as a woman

Let him know that even with his age, he's still on top of things. That he still manages to satisfy you well in bed.

This will make him feel like a real man, appreciated and loved by you. Examples of things to say to him;

  • You drive me crazy in bed.
  • You touch me in such a good way that I can't even explain.
  • In your strong and warm arms I feel like a complete woman.

4. That age doesn't matter

Dating an older man implies knowing that there is an age difference between you, which can become a problem for him.

To make him feel more relaxed about this issue, tell him that this is not important to you. Examples of things to say to him;

  • Dating a mature man like you was the best decision I've ever made in my life.
  • I was afraid at first, but you showed me that you were the best choice of all.

Now you know what things older men like to hear from their partners. Start implementing these tips.

When starting things off with someone considerably older, there must be absolute clarity about what you both want out of the relationship.

5. That he has important qualities

Older men appreciate knowing that their age still gives them some advantages that are appreciated by their partner.

Mentioning and saying his qualities as a man is one of the best things he will love to hear from you.

Examples of what to say;

  • I became a more mature woman by being with you.
  • I learned a lot of good things from you.
  • You make me feel like a complete woman.
  • By your side I feel complete and protected.


We know that every man has his own personality and this will affect his behavior and the things he will like to hear or do.

But we've tried to cite almost all of the points that most older men tend to appreciate hearing from their partners.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood what the older man likes to hear. Thank you for following our article.

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