What a man thinks when he is blocked

Blocking someone can allow you to move forward, have peace, be free. But what a man thinks when he realizes he was blocked?

How does he feel when he realizes you've blocked him? Will he care or does it matter to him? Will he want you back now?

Will he try other methods to see what you're up to? How will he behave? Find out the answer to all these questions, and more by reading this wonderful article.

What a man thinks when he is blocked

So, what are these emotions? A man worries about the pain of social lockdown just as much as a woman does. Guys feel the same awkwardness, which is a feeling of contempt on your part towards him.

The first thing a man thinks when he is blocked is that he did something you didn't like, this will make him panic, trying to understand what happened to get you to this point.

You might be blocking this guy for reasons other than hating him, maybe to test him, but he might not know it.

How does a guy feel when you block him? Does he get upset? Jealous? Does that make you more intrigued or curious about your life? As it turns out, it could be all of the above. Find out below;

1. He gets confused

One of the first questions he may ask himself is: What did I do wrong? This question will make him think about everything that has happened between you recently.

For example, he might assume you're mad at him. Or, he may wonder if he unintentionally did something you didn't like.

2. He gets nervous

He can be nervous, more than you can imagine! He may be afraid that you have abandoned the relationship or that he has ruined your relationship.

He may also worry that he won't get another chance to make things right.

3. He gets obsessed

In some cases, a guy can get a little off-kilter when he realizes he's been blocked. They can jump right into action mode – they feel determined to solve the problem and do the right thing.

He may contact you on other platforms or sign up with a mutual friend to see what's going on. He may even show up at your home or work to ask what happened.

4. He gets jealous

If he's not over you, your blocking him may seem like a strategic power move or a sign that you've followed through on him.

5. He can be sad

He may be wishing or remembering the relationship in his own way. Being able to text or check your Instagram helps you feel connected.

You blocking it can suddenly make things "feel real". As a result, he may begin to feel immense sadness over the breakup.

6. He felt rejected

Blocking, in a sense, can be the ultimate form of rejection of a man. You are choosing not to participate in his life anymore.

Even the most confident guy can feel rejected when he notices this happening. It's normal to hope that the two of you can still have a future together. However, knowing that this option no longer exists can be incredibly disheartening.

7. He'll Feel Guilty

When a guy is blocked by a woman, it's common for him to assume he's upset her. Most men don't want to piss off women.

So when blocked by a woman without explanation, they can often feel guilty and sad.

Also, they don't get a chance to apologize when they're blocked, which can often make the guilt more intense.

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