Ancient Saint Mark Miraculous Prayer for Any Urgent Request

Prayers are all in all a great way to ask God and the saints for a request. Meet the miraculous Saint Mark's ancient prayer for any urgent request.

Even though it's an old prayer, this prayer still remains Miraculous and serves for any urgent request, being dedicated to San Marcos

Obtaining a miracle is not an easy task, however when it is done with a light heart. And in the presence of Saint Mark the Evangelist and the patron saint of notaries and lawyers, anything is possible.

Ancient Saint Mark Miraculous Prayer for Any Urgent Request

“O glorious Saint Mark, by the grace of God our Father, you have become a great Evangelist, preaching the Good News of Christ.

May you help us to know him well so that we may faithfully live our lives as followers of Christ and his teachings.

I ask that in your infinite kindness you grant me this request (say any urgent requests you have) that I urgently need this miracle.

And may he help me to overcome all these difficulties, forgive me of my sins and make me worthy to receive your blessing.

Saint Mark, saint and anointed of the Lord, make me a better person day by day and help me to achieve everything I desire in my heart.

Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns in unity with God and the Holy Spirit, as the only God, forever and ever, I ask that you receive my request.

Powerful and great San Marcos, I firmly deliver and trust my request in your hands. And in the hands of our Lord Jesus, so that my request may be fulfilled. Amen"

Who was San Marcos?

Ancient Saint Mark Miraculous Prayer for Any Urgent Request
Miraculous Saint Mark's ancient prayer for any urgent request Source: Oracaoefe

São Marcos is one of the four evangelists, along with Saints Matthew, John and Luke, who dedicated their lives to teaching the word of our God.

The evangelist Saint Mark was the first to write about the book of Jesus Christ in the Gospel, with a special vision and in the first person.

São Marcos had the privilege of living with Jesus since he was a child and managed to express a delicate and genuine look in his Gospel.

That's why many people honor and ask for their requests and miracles to the evangelist San Marcos, so that he intercedes their requests to Jesus.

Now you know that you can entrust your urgent request to the mighty Saint Mark. And together and all your faith and say your prayer.


After saying these prayers, be sure that all this will come true. With that, have faith and courage that your urgent order will be fulfilled.

Say the miraculous ancient prayer of St. Mark for any urgent request at least twice a day. Until your order is fulfilled.

If you are worthy of receiving this miracle, you can believe that Saint Mark together with our mighty Jesus, your request will be heard and answered.

We have reached the end of this article and we hope that the two prayers that we left from Saint Mark will be useful to help you make any urgent request.

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