Saint Cyprian prayer to calm a person

Calming a person is not an easy task, and sometimes we have to resort to other ways to calm a person down.

To calm someone down, you must resort to the power of prayer. For a prayer has the power to intervene for the person and calm him down.

This prayer will be dedicated to Saint Saint Cyprian🇧🇷 With the help of this Saint, we can get a person to calm down.

Saint Cyprian prayer to calm a person

"Oohhh Holy Saint Cyprian, on this occasion I approach you because my soul is troubled; with fear, with panic and with a lot of anguish that took over my being.

I know very well that this is happening because of my lack of faith, because of the abandonment of your holy hands Saint Cyprian, because of not fully trusting your infinite power.

Glorious Saint Cyprian, you who are the strong captain of our Lord's army. You who have often managed to defeat evil, and who will defeat it again whenever necessary.

I beg you to calm the (say the name of the person). Lord, I beg you to give them peace and tranquility, to show them the way they should go.

Lord, help me to rid this person of all the evil, of this contamination that he has in his heart, that it be eliminated by the root and that the anger abandons him completely.

So she can calm down, so it doesn't happen again. Place your hand on this person, so that he is still and calm.

I ask you to hear my prayer, my Saint. So that my nerves no longer suffer from this situation.

Holy Saint Cyprian, powerful and merciful, I ask you to help (person's name) find calm and peace. Amen


For this prayer to reach Saint Cyprian, you must do it there with great strength and with great faith.

Ask with all your strength so that the saint can hear you and grant you the help you need.

Don't forget to mention the name of the person you want to calm, so that your power can reach you faster.

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