Strong prayer to leave man at his feet

We know that it is not an easy task to leave a man at your feet, and for that it would take a strong prayer to be able to tame this man.

For only strong prayer can break a man's heart. And have him at the feet of the woman who loves him completely.

A prayer as strong as this one must be done with great faith. So that she might have the necessary power to strike and destroy any proud man's protection.

Strong prayer to leave man at his feet

“Blessed be God, confidant of my troubles and author of all my accomplishments. I come to you because I have something that has been bothering me and causing me a lot of pain.

There is a man that I love a lot, and that I want his love only for me, that his love is mine and nobody else's.

You know how I love this man, and you also know that I will make him very happy. I just need him to be at my feet, because it's not easy to control him.

My mighty and good lord, I need your help to help me put (name the man) completely at my feet, doing everything for me.

May he not have eyes for any woman but me, and may he be my faithful dog, so that he may obey me. Because I only want the best for him.

I ask the Lord not to leave me alone and to grant me this request so that this man can be completely mine and that he stays at my feet.

I leave everything in your hands and I completely trust you to help me with my order. May your will be done. Amen”

Prayer of Saint Cyprian to leave man at his feet

“Mighty and very strong Saint Cyprian, I want to thank you first of all for all the good things in my life, for all the favors you have granted in my name.

And today I come to you my saint, because I have one more request to make of you. Because there is a man who is taking my sleep and I can't tame him at all.

And the only thing left for me to do now is to invoke your power to intercede for me. And help me subdue this man by making him kneel before me.

Only you, my saint of love, have the power to tame any man and make him kneel at the feet of his beloved.

With that, I ask that you help me leave (his name) at my feet, so that he only wants to be with me and no other woman.

My holy Saint Cyprian, I know that you will not abandon me in this moment when I need your help more than ever. In the Name of Love, I ask that you help me. Amen!"


We hope that you enjoyed our two prayers and that you can succeed in taming your man, in order to leave him at your feet.

Trust fully in the Power of the Lord and not the power of the Saints, so that they can help and help you in this moment that you need so much.

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