Strong prayer for him to be distressed and look for me

When we are away from man we love, we want him to be very close to us, so he can give us all his love.

In order for this to come true, we must always resort to the divine and sacred power of prayers, to ask the saints for help.

With that, we separated and prepared this strong prayer for him to be anguished and look for you desperately wanting your love only for him.

Strong prayer for him to be distressed and look for me

“My Lord, mighty and kind Jesus, today I come to you with one more request. But first I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me, for taking care of me and being with me at all times.

I ask you to help her to make the (say his name), think of pampering all the time, who just wants to be with me. Because I am his true and only love, no matter where he is, he looks for me in anguish.

My Lord, dig up everything that now prevents the (say his name) to come to me, that he thinks of me and that his heart is distressed, having no alternative but to look for me.

Don't let him have peace away from me, may he be happy just being with me. Don't let any woman be enough for him but me sir. Let him not be strong, and come to me.

May he never walk far from me, I am for him, he is for me, our guardian angels know that. That's why they watch over us to keep us together, that he loves me as much as I love him.

I trust you alone, my lord, to help me win the heart of this man, who I cannot live without, nor see myself without him by my side.

Make him look for me anguished, longing, full of desire to be by my side, to love me madly. Let him be so distressed and come to me immediately.

Only in you I trust my Lord, that's why I come with this strong prayer, for him to be distressed and look for me as soon as possible, because I need him with me.

In the name of true love, I ask you to grant my request, my lord. May your will be done In Jesus name, amen.”


For this strong prayer to have the desired effect, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, you need to have a lot of faith when saying this incredible prayer, because only then will your request be answered and it will come to you.

You can also light a candle, to increase the power of this prayer, it is better to do it at night, for a whole week.

After this prayer, no doubt your man's heart will be touched, and he will be distressed and look for you without any doubts.

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