Miraculous Prayer of Our Lady of Aparecida 3 days

The miraculous Our Lady of Aparecida is known for being the patroness and protector of the Brazilian people, loved and followed by all.

She is also known for helping those who need her help, being much requested by people who need help in times of distress.

If you have a request to make to the miraculous Our Lady of Aparecida, we have listed in this article, 3 prayers to do for her.

We have separated the prayers into 3 categories, so that you can find the best prayer to say in 3 days.

Miraculous Prayer of Our Lady Aparecida 3 days

“O Holy Mary, through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in your dear image of Aparecida, you spread countless benefits over all of Brazil.

I, although unworthy of belonging to the number of your sons and daughters, but full of the desire to participate in the benefits of your mercy, prostrate at your feet, I consecrate you my understanding, so that I may always think of the love you deserve.

I consecrate you my tongue so that I may always praise you and propagate your devotion; I consecrate my heart to you, that after God I may love you above all things.

Receive me, O incomparable Queen, you whom the crucified Christ gave us for Mother, in the said number of your sons and daughters; take me under your protection; help me in all my needs, spiritual and temporal, especially at the time of my death.

Bless me, O heavenly cooperator, and with your powerful intercession, strengthen me in my weakness, so that, serving you faithfully in this life, I may praise you, love you and give you thanks in heaven, for all eternity. So be it! Amen”

Our Lady of Aparecida Prayer

Our Lady of Aparecida, I need your help right now! I need your help and I need your interception in my life right now.

I ask and pray through this suffering prayer to ask for your interception and spiritual help in my life.

I don't ask for much, I don't ask for little, I only ask for what I really need: (Tell now what is your request to our Miraculous of Our Lady of Aparecida)

Everything seems difficult, everything seems impossible, but I know that with the help of Our Lady of Aparecida I will achieve this miracle.

I know it sounds complicated, but with your miraculous divine interception of our lady, I know that I will achieve my desire. Amen."

Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida for a grace

“Dear Mother Nossa Senhora Aparecida, You who love us and guide us every day, you who are the most beautiful of Mothers, whom I love with all my heart.

I ask you once again to help me to obtain a grace, because I am in a moment of great anguish and affliction.

Our Divine Lady, miraculous, protector, help me now, help me to reach my grace.

I ask your grace to (Tell now what your request is to Our Lady of Aparecida)

I know that you will help me and I know that you will always accompany me until the time of my death. Amen."

Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida for love

“Our miraculous Our Lady of Aparecida, come and throw your light and purity in my love life and in my great love (Persons name).

I ask you to bring peace, harmony, happiness and lots of love to our relationship, our life and our happiness as a couple.

Don't allow anything or anyone to spoil our relationship. Protect us from all evil in our lives.

Our Lady of Aparecida, mother of all Brazilians, help me, protect me, reconcile me in the best way with (people name)🇧🇷 Don't let anything bad happen to us and our relationship!

Our Lady Aparecida, in the name of your beloved son of Jesus Christ, protect me and my relationship with (Persons name). Amen."


With the help of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, you can achieve any grace or any anguish that is plaguing your life.

say the prayer da Nossa Senhora Aparecida for 3 days, and managed to reach their goal. We arrived in front of our article, and we hope you liked it.

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