Very strong and dangerous prayer to make man in love

Leaving a man in love is not an easy task, so we must resort to a very strong and Dangerous prayer to leave any man in love.

Because it is a prayer of love, it becomes quite difficult to reach. But we have prepared a prayer strong enough that any man will not be able to deviate from it.

This prayer must be done every day, for at least three days in a row. Where you should gather all your thoughts on the person you want to fall in love with you.

Very strong and dangerous prayer to make man in love

′′ My dear and Powerful Saint Cyprian, I come to this day through this strong prayer to ask for your divine intervention. For only the Lord who is the saint of love has the power to grant me this grace.

I know how strong and dangerous my request is, but I am strong and firm that I need your help. And I am willing to praise your name forever in exchange for your help.

You are the saint of love, and your divine power is able to fulfill my request very easily. And that's why I'm on my knees today to ask you to help me make a man fall in love with me.

I am willing to do anything to achieve this man's love. Because with him I know I will be very happy and my love for him is eternal and nothing can make me give up on his love.

My mighty Saint Cyprian, I ask you to help me to make the (say his full name), fall madly and madly in love with me.

May his love, may his thoughts, may his memories, may his dreams all be with me alone, may he not have peace without being with me.

Make him fall in love, make him come to me, look for me, want to be in my arms. That he wants to give me his love, that he doesn't have eyes for any other woman but me.

My mighty Saint, I ask that you make the (say his name complete), love me, desire me, want me in his arms, want my kisses, all the love I can give him.

I leave this strong and dangerous prayer in your hands, because I know that your infinite power can grant me this grace. And help me make this man totally in love with me.

Saint Cyprian, mightiest of saints, saint of the most needy, son of God. May his will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen”


This is one of the strongest prayers you can find available on the internet. The power of São Cipriano is infinitely great and he will certainly intercede for you.

If you can find a picture of the person and say this prayer looking at the picture of the person with a lighted candle it can help make this prayer stronger.

We hope you enjoyed this prayer and if you have any questions, you can leave them in our comments and we will be happy to answer them.

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