prayer to calm drunk

We all know that dealing with a drunk person is not an easy task, especially when we have to calm them down.

In these difficult moments only prayers can help us to deal with these situations. Seek a word of comfort both for us and for the drunk person.

With that today we prepared a strong prayer to calm and reassure a person who is drunk.

prayer to calm drunk

“Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you in this prayer, with deep pain and sadness. My Lord, the reason for my pain and anguish is caused by alcoholism.

A person I love and care about so much is immersed in the world of alcohol and this has caused me so much pain, Lord.

At this moment, I come here to ask that you intercede for this person, that you can calm this drunk, that you can bring him to reason, that all that alcohol leaves his body.

I ask you my lord to help me in this difficult time, give me strength to deal with this situation, and show me the way to calm this drunk.

That when he returns to Lucidity he can be aware of the great harm he has caused, so that he can see how much alcohol is harming him and everyone around him.

My lord, only you have the power to heal, to alleviate and to heal all the pain and all the evil in this world. I ask that you help me at this time, so that (say his name), to calm down and return to normal consciousness.

My Lord, may this man be purified, may alcohol be out of his life, and may he be free of this addiction that has caused so much pain and so much harm.

I trust in you alone, my lord, because only you have the power to calm this person down at this moment when he is completely out of his mind.

I leave this prayer in your hands so that you can intercede for me in this situation that is very difficult for me.

May everyone have saving faith in Jesus and begin to enjoy an intimate walk with him. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”


Since this is a very difficult situation, prayer must also be strong enough for it to have an effect.

With that in mind, you should say this prayer to calm a drunk with a lot of faith, so that your request will be granted.

This prayer can be done anytime, anywhere, and you can light a candle to further increase your power.

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