Prayer to child's guardian angel to calm

There is no greater pain for a mother than seeing her child in distress and not knowing what to do to calm her child down in a difficult moment for him.

But know that making a prayer to calm your child is enough you can do as a mother. Our children have their own guardian angels who can help us in this situation.

In this article, you will learn about the prayer that will help you communicate with your child's guardian angel, so that he can help you calm him down in any situation.

Prayer to child's guardian angel to calm

“My Almighty God, today I come to you to ask that I invoke one of your guardian angels to come and intercede for me at this moment.

In the name of Jesus, I invoke my son's guardian angel (say your child's name). So that you come to my presence because I need your help.

My son's guardian angel, first of all I want to thank you for protecting my son. And for always being there for him when he needs his help.

Right now I need your help to calm my son, who is currently very distressed and distressed. Which breaks my heart as a mother.

If I'm here asking for your help, it's because I feel incapable of calming my son down. That's why I come through this prayer to ask for your help.

The calm he needs right now I can't give, but with his infinite power, given by God, which is the most powerful of all.

I ask you to look out for my son who is very restless right now. So that it can bring peace to your heart, so that it can calm down.

Guardian Angel (say your child's name), right now I'm calling for you, your little protégé needs your help right now.

I know you won't leave him alone at this very difficult time for him. May it calm his weapon, his mind, and his entire body.

I deeply thank you for fulfilling my request. I trust in You alone to help me get my son ready and I leave this prayer in his hands.

Don't leave me alone, don't do this for me, but for my son who doesn't deserve to go through this situation. In the name of Jesus Christ. May his will be done. Amen”


So that your guardian angel can hear you and come to answer your request, you need to say this prayer with all your faith and love for your child.

We all know that praying will always be the best way to achieve our goals, in any circumstance of life. Have faith and pray for your child.

We hope you enjoyed our article, and that this prayer can help you reach your goal of praying to calm down your office with the help of his guardian angel.

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