Prayer to call a person by thought

Prayers are used a lot by Christians to communicate with their creator. Praying to call a person by thought can be compared to invoking the person's name in thought.

We usually pray for our afflictions and to give thanks for the deeds of the almighty in our lives. But today we want to teach you prayers to call a person by thought.

When making prayer to call a person by thought, you must be armed with faith and hope that your request will be fulfilled. Show yourself convinced that in the grace of God you can achieve this and much more.

Prayer to call a person by thought

“Dear God, I come through this prayer to thank you for the gift of life and ask that you humbly allow one person to come to me.

At this moment, by the power of heaven, by the power of God, I invoke the power of angels. So they can send my call to you (say the person's name), so that you may receive my call.

I know you can hear me in your thoughts right now, don't ignore my voice, let me in your thoughts, hear my voice calling out to you.

Wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing, my message will reach you, my call will enter your thoughts.

Come to me, I'm calling you (say the person's name), I need your presence right now, I need you to come to me asap.

May you not have the strength to ignore my call, which is the power of God, which controls everything. Do not have the strength to ignore this call, may your thoughts open so that my request may reach you.

Thank you Jesus for helping me get this message to (say the person's name), and for listening to me whenever I come to you. I leave everything in your holy hands. Amen”

Strong prayer to call for thought

“Heavenly Father, I came to you once again to ask you to allow someone important to me to come to me. I need you to help me call that person.

I need that (Persons name) hear my call, come to my presence at this moment. I summon your mind and your soul into my presence.

hear my call (Persons name), I am calling for you, may my voice reach your thoughts, and may you understand my request.

Wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you're doing, whatever you're thinking. Hear my voice calling to you in your thoughts.

May everything I have done wrong not be a reason for not being able to have this grace. I trust you alone to get my message to that person. May your will be done. Amen”


These prayers are composed of the most sincere words of faith and grace that will manage to call the person you want through your thoughts.

Don't forget to thank God for allowing you this grace and for being able to fulfill your desire, be grateful always and in every moment of your life.

This call may not be for that person to come physically, but for them to be present in spirit or also to be present in your life.

If you have lost someone due to some circumstance in life and you want to call the person through your thoughts. Now you know that you can do this by reciting a few words that we will show you below.

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