Prayer to conquer someone special

When we love someone special, we want that person to feel the same love we don't feel for them.

And this can be a little difficult to achieve, as we will have to go through the process of winning over the person. But with a lot of faith and dedication we can reach our goal.

As you walk through the process of winning someone over, you can say this prayer every day so that you can succeed in your goal.

this prayer it is recommended to be performed every morning and every night, and before a date with that special someone.

Prayer to conquer someone special

Almighty God, today I come to you full of humility to ask you to help me find happiness in my heart.

My soul is full of restlessness and I cannot live like this, give me your blessing and your help. I need you to hear my voice and the voice of my heart, because you, my Lord, know what is in it.

And in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that with your great kindness you can help me to win someone special for me.

Someone that I love a lot, that I have a pure and true love. For that someone, I ask you with the truth of my heart that the (say the name of the person) love me and be happy with me.

Only with you can I entrust my request and help me to conquer the love of my life and be happy with the person.

With all this I ask that you grant me that person full of love for me, and that you can notice me. May it give me a chance to show all my love for her.

My lord, the (say the name of the person) is very special to me, I want to love him and make him very happy. But for that I need a chance from the person.

Help me get her to give me this chance to show her my special love. May her will be done. And name of Jesus Amen.


On these occasions we can resort to the power of prayers, but remember that it is not just praying that everything will happen.

It is also necessary to make a determined effort so that the Lord can help you to conquer the person you love.

It should also be noted that you need to know that you will only receive help from the Lord, only his intentions and his love is really true.

But if it's a feeling of pure caprice or pure pleasure, you won't get any help from this prayer.

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