Prayer to discover betrayal

Being betrayed is a situation that no one would want to go through so much that it leads many people to pray for discover betrayal.

And in this way end so many distrusts! Betrayal can be committed in many ways, whether in a friendship, marital or even kinship relationship.

The prayer to find out if you have been betrayed will help you see things more clearly and make safer decisions. Let us pray!

Prayer to discover betrayal

“Dear Father, I know that I have my own sins and I am not perfect. On my knees I say this Prayer to uncover betrayal in front of those around me.

How many times have I also betrayed Your love, turning my back on You and choosing to do things my way, leaving judgment and justice to You alone.

I pray that I have clarity about the infections of those around me, whether at work, in my marital relationship, or in my family.

May the Lord show me the truth and before my eyes I can see who I shouldn't trust! Unmask all those who betrayed me, be it betrayal by my partner, friend or family member.

Discovering this act will help me to see better who I should walk with during my journey, Lord, and better trace my paths and my company.

Treason among men is worthy of forgiveness when, after discovery, the Lord grants us the grace of being able to forgive those who have betrayed us.

Sir, you know everything before I say anything. You know the pain I feel when faced with this suspicion of betrayal.

Thank You that I can cry out to You in the midst of my pain and You are quick to give me Your ear and comfort. I can praise you, because even if those closest to me leave me, you will never leave me.

Only to you, my lord, do I trust to help me discover whether there is a betrayal or not. I leave everything in your hands.

May the Lord Jesus Christ always be with me and keep me away from all evil, today and always. May his will be done. Amen!"


The prayer to discover betrayal must be done every day or whenever possible and preferably at night.

This prayer is for all situations where there may be betrayal. So, in relationships, at work, in the family, in your friendships or in any situation.

Despite everything, it's always good not to trust people completely, because we don't know who can commit a betrayal.

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