Prayer to master a man's mind

Having dominion over a man's mind is not an easy task, to save their relationships and homes women are capable of anything including say prayers to get back the man I love.

These prayers must be said lightly and with great faith, as the motives that lead this man to oppose you may be obscure.

And to get rid of it, we want you to know the right prayer to be able to dominate a man's mind and make them live in harmony and go in peace!

Prayer to master a man's mind

Almighty God, I want (his name)'s mind in my hands right now so I can do whatever I want with him!

I want to be able to kiss him, hug him and have him by my side, now and always.

I need to dominate his mind, his actions and all his thoughts so that he thinks of me and only me. I ask the help of Almighty God for this!

I ask with great faith that he not think of a woman other than me, that he does not look at a woman other than me, that he does not fall in love with a woman other than me.

I want to dominate your mind, your heart and all your thoughts!

Make his desire to be with me unbearable! Create in him a great desire to be with me physically and make sure he doesn't repress all the desires he has for me.

I ask for quick help! I need help, urgent! I desperately need help! I ask you why I'm suffering and why I really need this in my life...

Answer my request, do me this favor, help me at this moment.


The prayer that we will leave above is intended for several entities together. Ask for help from God, and from other saints. For only then will you have the help you need.

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