Prayer to dominate a man in two days

Dominating a man is not an easy task to achieve, so we must resort to prayer to dominate a man in a short time.

A good strong prayer can give us the power to have dominion over any man we want to put on our feet within two days.

It's not a good idea to want dominate a man to make him a dog or to humiliate him. Use this prayer for him to be more affectionate, for him to listen to you and respect you, for him to be yours alone.

Prayer to dominate a man in two days

“My God, today I come to you, because I have something that has been tormenting me and that does not let me have peace or tranquility. I need your help right now.

But before asking for your divine intervention in my case, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me throughout this life, for accompanying me at all times.

I ask that you help me dominate a man in two days, so that he can have his eyes, thoughts and body on me, and on no one else.

(say his name) I command you to hear my voice calling to you this moment, come to me, begging for my love. Let me dominate you.

I'm the only woman you need in your life, I own you, the only woman who wants your best, listen to my voice (say his name).

That in two days you will be mine, that you can love me, respect me and obey me, and that your pride and rebelliousness can disappear forever from your life.

Come to me (say his name) dominated by body, thought and will, you can no longer look at anyone but me.

All your love and affection are just for me, my presence is what matters to you, my voice dominates you, my eyes dominate you, just like everything in me.

In you alone I trust my God, father, son and Holy Spirit, my Lord Jesus my only savior, to help me achieve my desire.

With all my strength I ask you to grant me the grace that I so desire to dominate this man. May his will be done, in the name of Jesus. Amen”


Arriving here, we want to believe that the Lord heard your prayers and that you will answer them. Have patience and a lot of faith while waiting for your answer.

We are glad that you followed our recommendations and we hope that everything goes well. And that you can dominate your man.

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