Prayer for two people to hate each other

When two people bother us with their union, we must look for ways to separate them forever.

For these situations we must resort to prayers, which will take care of making these two people hate each other with all their might.

We separate two very strong prayers that will help you reach your request, and that everything can work out, making people hate each other forever.

Prayer for two people to hate each other

“Sacred blood, blessed blood, from our creator, I ask you in the name of true love, of my person, of my flesh, and of who I am. May the feeling of hate, anger and pride grow in the heart, within (Persons name) And (other person's name).

My lord, and the name I would make this request if I had no reason to be these people must be hating why (say why these people must hate each other).

May they not be able to see each other, nor speak, that they hate each other, May only misfortune be in their path, As long as they continue together,
May they not find peace, And when they finally part, Reach tranquility.

My lord, to see the almighty only to you can I entrust this request For only you have the power to separate and unite people. May his will be done. Amen."

Saint Cyprian prayer for two people to hate each other

“Oh Saint Cyprian! Christ's blood! Morning Star, may you protect us every day, and above all protect us from harm, keep these words in mind.

That today, with love, I dedicate this request to you, help me to separate (first person name) And (second person name) for their bond to be broken, and that they have no choice but to hate each other forever.

Each in his own way, Each taking care of his destiny, separately, let only hatred remain between them, I ask you, in the glory of the father.

I put this prayer in your hands my saint Saint Cyprian Because only you have the power to help me right now. Your will be done. Amen."


Say this prayer every day until the desired effect is achieved and you manage to make these two people hate each other forever.

These two generations are quite strong, and cannot be done by pure whim, they must be done with the heart, so that your request is granted.

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