prayer for her to go crazy for me

The dream of any man in love is to make her go crazy for him. Since this is possible with the help of prayer for her to be crazy about you.

To help us achieve this effect, we will have to enlist the help of the Holy St. Cyprian, who is known as the saint of love.

With his divine power, you can be sure that she will go crazy for you. See below What this prayer is and how you should do it.

prayer for her to go crazy for me

“Mighty Saint Cyprian, today I come to your presence, because I need a miracle from you, to help me achieve a grace.

I've heard a lot about your power and that's why I believe and have faith that only you can help me achieve my goal right now.

I'm falling in love with a woman, and I really want her to be really in love with me, so that she loves me madly.

That's why I ask you, my mighty Saint Cyprian, so that with his power I can make her go crazy for me right now.

May he not be able to find peace away from me, may he miss me at all times, may he want to be in my arms all the time.

Help me Saint Cyprian, to make the (say her name), may be crazy in love with me, may I be the only man that drives her crazy.

Only I trust to help me at this time. That's why I leave this prayer in your hands confident that my request will be answered.

I ask you not to forsake me, mighty Saint Cyprian, because I need your help. May his will be done in Jesus name. Amen."

How to pray for her to go crazy for me

The procedure for saying this prayer is the same as for the other prayers that we publish on this site in the category religion.

Focus all your faith and stop thinking about negative things. Thinking only of positive things to purify the environment and your prayer.

It is important to remember that this prayer may take some time to come true. That's why you should repeat it a few times.

Say this prayer by lighting a candle if you have one. After you have said the prayer, just be patient and wait for the results.


It is not advisable to say a prayer to drive a woman crazy for you when you do not feel true love for her.

Only say this prayer if you want her to be crazy about you so you can give her love. Because if it's with bad intentions, to make her suffer, it won't work.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked and understood our prayer for her to be crazy about you.

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