Prayer for him to run after me like a dog

A dog is known to be faithful and love its owner. These pets are always by our side, following us everywhere.

If you want a man to be like that with you, like a dog, this prayer is for you. He'll go crazy over you like a dog.

Prayer for him to run after me like a dog

“Saint Helena, Saint Dominadora and Patroness of Separated Loves. I want to possess a man's heart so that he can run after me like a dog until the end of time, but I need your help to that end.

That's why I'm praying to you, Venerable Saint Helena, who can help me to win that man's love and be happy with him for the rest of our lives.

I want to leave him like a dog in despair so he can think of me for the rest of my life. I want him to always run after me like a dog, and I trust his power to do that.

Your love and your inner desire must be for a woman on the entire planet Earth and that must be for me, no matter the cost.

I pray this prayer that he only thinks of me and only I can fit in his head. Saint Helena, make him despair for me. Amen"

 Prayer of Saint Cyprian to dominate a man like a dog

“Saint Cyprian! There is one man (his name) who won't leave my thoughts no matter how hard I try, I desire him more than anything in this world.

I have so much love for him that I don't think I'll ever get him off my chest. The problem is, I'm afraid he doesn't feel the same way.

I pray by his mighty grace that he runs after me like a dog and loves me madly, like a dog loves its master.

May he now, (his name), get rid of the wrong image of me, and his pride and understand once and for all that I am the woman of his life, and that we, together, will be immensely happy and that we must not lose more time.

May the mighty Saint Cyprian help me a lot, so that he can love me desperately.

Amen, mighty Saint Cyprian! Amen”

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