Prayer for him to stick to me

Many men do not like to be glued to their partners, and to achieve this we can only resort to a prayer for him stick to you.

Since most women love it when he is glued to her almost all the time. Filling her with love and affection so that she feels like the most loved woman in the world.

If this is your case, today we are going to help you with a strong prayer so that he sticks to you like a piece of gum. Follow below.

Prayer for him to stick to me

“My Almighty God, today I come in your name to ask for your help at this moment when I need you to grant me a grace in my life.

But before placing my order, I want to thank you, my God, for accompanying me at all times in my life. And for blessing me even when I don't deserve it.

There is a man I love with all my heart and I want him to feel the same love, longing, desire to be together and desire that I feel for him.

I want him to stay glued to me, to always want to be by my side, to always miss me when I'm not around.

May my presence make him very happy, that only close to me, close to me. May he feel all the love I have for him.

I want the (say his name) wants to be glued to me, no matter where, no matter when, that he just wants to be with me.

May the thoughts, the body, the eyes of (say his name), want to be only with me, attached to me. I love you and you love me too. Come to me (say his name).

I leave everything in your hands, because only you have the power to grant me this grace to make him stick to me.

I know that the Lord will not let me down and will help me in this moment that I need so much. May your will be done in Jesus name. Amen”


Always remember to approach your relationships with all your faith and conviction that your prayers will be answered.

After making this strong prayer, it is time to wait for the answer to your prayer. Which may take a while or even arrive faster than you might think.

We hope you enjoyed this strong prayer and that it can help you fulfill your desire to have your man attached to you.

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