Prayer for him to assume me before the world

Today we have prepared a Prayer for him to assume you before everyone and the world as his girlfriend or as his wife.

This strong prayer will open his heart and eyes so he can see that you deserve to be out in front of the world.

Say this prayer every day, at night, before going to sleep. And remember to pray with great faith that he assume as girlfriend.

Prayer for him to assume me before the world

“Dear Lord, I turn to you at this moment, because joy and love have taken over my soul and body.

You taught me that the authentic feeling exists and that it is possible to have it and, therefore, I ask you on this important occasion and through my prayers, help me to consolidate it once and for all.

I'm completely in love with (say his name), for he is wonderful, decent, good-natured and cheerful. But what I love most about him is that he loves me as much as I love him.

I ask you, Lord, to keep our love constant and not allow external evil forces to invade this relationship you created.

I ask you, Lord, that he assumes me before the world and that everyone knows that I am his woman, and how much we love each other.

Lord, I ask that you answer my request, that he take my hand and assume me before everyone who is part of our lives.

May he assume me for his friends, for his family, and for everyone to see us and know that we are together, connected by the strength of true love.

Let love rise in your heart and soul. Open his eyes to the feeling of truth, let him see that he has one before him which he can show the world and be proud of. Amen my good God


This prayer must be done every day, until he assumes you before the world. Say this prayer in the morning and every night before going to sleep.

If your love for him is true and pure, surely your prayer will be answered, and you will be able to see your request to be assumed before the world come to pass.

If you don't forget, here only a good girlfriend or a good wife will deserve to be assumed before everyone, so always behave yourself.

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