Prayer for him to call me in 2 minutes

If you want him to call you in less than 2 minutes you must say a very strong and powerful prayer for him to call you immediately.

When we want to accomplish something that seems achievable, we must always resort to the power of prayers to help us.

Below you will find the best prayer to help you in this situation. But try not to get too apprehensive, as this can make things difficult.

Prayer for him to call me in 2 minutes

“My mighty and good God, today I come here in your presence, because I have a great anguish in my heart and I need your help at this moment.

But before I place my order, I would like to thank you for all your blessings and for everything you have done for my life and the lives of my family.

What makes me turn to the Lord through this prayer is the fact that I am missing someone very special to me.

I want to be able to hear the person's voice, and that's why I need your help to intervene for me and make him call me in less than two minutes.

My mighty and good God, only you have the divine and eternal power to be able to help those who need your help in any situation.

I ask you to make the (say his name), call me ASAP. He sits in my absence and wants to hear my voice.

It doesn't matter where he is, it doesn't matter what he's doing, and it doesn't matter who he's with. May the desire to call me be greater than anything.

Only in You I trust to be able to help me with this situation. Help me get him to call me. May his will be done in Jesus name amen.”

How to pray for him to call you in 2 minutes

Because it's about a prayer very strong and involving a very short time for it to take effect in the person's life.

It must be done with all the person's faith to the fullest, concentrating as much as you can and channeling all your energies into your request.

In case this prayer doesn't work for you see the latent wait A Time and come back to say the prayer again. But remember that faith is a very important factor.


In several articles related to this one, we always make it clear that prayers involving time sometimes do not happen in the expected time.

In these situations, you have to be very calm and wait for the right moment, so that prayer can take effect and not lose faith during that time.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked our prayer for him to call you in less than 2 minutes.

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