Prayer for him to ask me out today

The dream of any woman in love is to be asked for a date. And to help you, we've prepared a strong prayer for him to ask you to date him today.

say a prayer it's one of the easiest and strongest ways to connect with God and make our wishes and requests come through.

When we are equipped with a lot of faith in Our heart and in our intentions, our requests will certainly be answered by the Lord.

For any prayer to succeed, the person needs to have two very important points, good intentions and faith.

All those who pray in vain run the risk of having their requests rejected. You have to pray and believe that the miracle will happen in your life.

Prayer for him to ask me out today

“Mighty and good God, Today I come to meet you through this prayer, because I have a request to make you very special for me.

You know how pure my heart is and how my intentions are the best. And there is no greater motivation than true love.

So I am firm and confident that you will fulfill my request. And I take the opportunity to thank you for all the blessings you do in my life.

There's a man I love very much, and nothing would make me happier than being able to date him, and that's why I'm here before the Lord.

Through this prayer, I ask you to make him ask me to marry him today, if possible, my beloved Jesus.

You know how much I love this man and how pure and true My intentions are. I really want to be able to date him to give all my love to him.

I ask you, my God, to help me with my request, to make the (say his name) can ask me on a date.

Only the Lord has this power, and that is why I leave this prayer in your hands, confident that my request will be granted if I am worthy.

I ask you, my lord, to intercede for me at this moment, and to make him come to me with a request for courtship. May his will be done, in the name of Jesus. Amen”


After we say a prayer sometimes we have to be more patient than what we want. Because our requests are not always answered quickly.

But it's important not to lose faith and not get discouraged if it doesn't happen in the time you want. In such cases Continue with prayers and stand firm in your purpose.

We have reached the end of our file and we hope you enjoyed the prayer for him to ask you out today or as soon as possible.

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