Prayer for him not to want another

Today we bring this powerful prayer so that he doesn't want another one, and that only you are the woman of his eyes.

This prayer is very pure and true, and it will certainly be heard, for it has a fair and true request.

Be this prayer from time to time so that it is renewed, and that your relationship grows stronger.

Prayer for him not to want another

My Lord, on this day I want to raise my prayer before your presence, because I am in distress about a situation regarding my husband.

I know you always hear my prayers and requests as I come before the Lord with a humble heart. You love me unconditionally, especially when I cry and my eyes burn in pain, you are always there for me.

The love I feel for that man is what made me grow and you always fight for all the things I want, and it is precisely because of that fight that I have come back to you, my Lord, to seek your help.

As you know, I am madly in love with this man. I know he's the perfect companion for my days and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

We feel that we are intertwined with each other and that we love each other with all our hearts. Although lately I've noticed he's been distracted by other women.

I pray, Lord, that you keep him away from other women and that he sees that he doesn't need to look for anything else in other women.

Let him see that I can complement his life completely and I can give him the love, attraction, passion and affection that he so badly needs right now.

May he only feel love for me and may he not want another woman but me. Please hear my prayers. So that the person I love receives and responds to this powerful prayer that I am making to you my Lord. Amen


This is the best prayer that can make your man not want another woman, let alone have eyes for another woman besides you.

Make this prayer photo every night, at least twice a week, so that it is always renewed and always remains firm.

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