Prayer for him to hate her

In some situations we may want our man to have to separate him from a woman who is getting between you.

In these cases, we can resort to the power of prayer, so that our request may be answered by the saints of love.

Say this prayer every day at night, until your request comes true, making him start to have a deep hatred for that woman.

Prayer for him to hate her

Christ, I resort to your spiritual and healing power because sin and evil want to take over my relationship and I approach you because I believe in you, I believe in your control, in your love, and I know that with you I can keep my relationship free from evil.

Keep away from my man that woman who is in my way, that (here ask with all your heart and soul to keep that person away from your partner, mention the woman's name if you know).

That my husband hates her with all his strength, that he is disgusted with her and that he doesn't even want to look her in the face. Let there be only hatred and resentment between them.

I ask him that he no longer wants to see her or talk to her, that he hates her, is angry and regrets having deceived me.

I ask you glorious God to make my man no longer want to see her, nor think about her and that she (say her name) no longer wants to talk to him from today.

And that when he is next to her, they both feel very bad for what they do, with hatred, so that they separate soon.

With your help to our souls, for which I will be eternally grateful, I ask that love reign between us, that our faith remain strong. Amen Jesus


This form of prayer should be done every day until it has the desired effect. Say this prayer every night before going to sleep and every morning when you wake up.

this prayer it's very strong, but you need to have a lot, a lot of faith, for it to work out, and make him hate her a lot.

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