Prayer for him to think of me now

If you're already looking for a prayer for him to think of you right now, we have a prayer that will do just that.

These prayers have a very strong power as they move people's minds. So they must be done with a lot of faith for them to work.

Make him think of you right now using the power of this prayer directed to the angel of love.

Prayer for him to think of me now

"My God! Today I turn to you to ask and beg for the love of my life, for that man that I love so much and that I want him to think of me.

You know better than anyone that my love for him is pure and true and that my intentions are the truest and purest.

Please do not allow the (say his name) think of me now. I just want me to be everything to him.

I pray to make him think of me now and at all times, that in his spare time he will remember me and even if he is busy, he cannot get my name out of his mind.

Don't let someone else enter your thoughts, and don't even ruin this pure feeling he feels for me.

Most Holy Jesus, I beg that I be the center of his thoughts, in the name of love. At his feet I will always be grateful, because I know that you hear the requests of my heart and never abandon me, my lord.

Think of me (say the name of the person) because our love is and will always be pure and unique. May the power of God intercede for me and make you think of me now, wherever you are.

Beloved Father, I ask that you intercede for me, that with your infinite and priceless power, make you understand that you need me in your life. That at this very moment he thinks of me, that he misses me, that he misses me.

In you alone I trust my Lord, to help me with my request. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”


For this prayer to have the desired effect, it must be done with great faith. Pray with all your heart and with the strength of your love he will think of you.

Say this prayer every day for your request to be answered by the Lord. With the power of your love and the power of this prayer you can make him think of you.

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