Prayer for him to feel sickly jealous of me

As prayers they are like a snuggle for those who have a heart afflicted or worried, praying for him to be sickly jealous for you can be something a little out of the ordinary. Because unhealthy jealousy is something that is not healthy for anyone who wants to have a promising relationship!

Although jealousy is necessary within a relationship because it generates more attention and importance to each other, what kind of jealousy do we want to cultivate in our partner?

Men by nature already jealous of their partners want him to be sickly jealous really needs a prayer. We'll show you how to do it next!

Prayer for him to feel sickly jealous of me

Saint Cyprian, mighty of all mighty, the last one who makes all the graces arrive... Enter the heart of (His name) and make him start to have an enormous and sick jealousy for me inside of him.

May the jealousy for me grow, increase, spread and keep spreading... Day after day, night after night, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second! That guy's heart can't take so much jealousy, he just wants me and only me.

May jealousy make you dependent on me, dependent on my presence and my incredible love. Makes this jealousy make them love me, want me, want me and never want to let go of me!

So-and-so's jealousy increases for me, it makes him unable to see me next to anyone else, let alone next to anyone else, without this triggering a huge crisis of jealousy in his heart. I count on your powerful help, my dear saint.

I count on your powerful miraculous hand on the head of (His name). Amen


Feeling unhealthy jealousy is a terrible thing, but the truth is, it can save a relationship.

There are people who don't even care about the person they love, so making them a little jealous can be a good solution to rekindle that fire!

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