Prayer for him to miss me

If you want him to miss you, the only thing that can help you achieve this feat is the holy power of prayer.

Today we have prepared two prayers for him miss you, including the prayer of Saint Cyprian. This strong prayer must be done with faith and trust, even when everything is difficult!

Praying this prayer is the critical first step to starting over with healthy foundations and rekindling the flame of love.

Prayer for him to miss me

“Dear God, today I bow before you to beg you to fill me with grace and not let me fall into the valley of bitterness.

You know that my love is pure and sincere, for which I want it to be reciprocated and not become an impossible wish.

Make him/her need me and look for me desperately. May he understand that I am the right person for his life.

Your mercy will make my great wish come true. that the (say his name), think of me, love me, have me in your head day and night, that he misses me. May he hear my voice in my dreams.

I ask you in my prayer with fervor because I miss this man, I love him to heaven, tell him to look for me as soon as possible, that he has no peace but in my arms.

O Holy Miraculous One, do not let me cry for him. May he have my name in his head again, you can do anything, do it in the name of the true love I feel for him. He must miss me, think only of me.

Have mercy on me. It removes from my soul the great sadness of not knowing anything about him. I count on you my God. So be it. Amen”

Saint Cyprian prayer for him to miss me

“Oh! Holy Saint Cyprian, you who always respond to the requests of your faithful devotees, allow him (say the name of the person) to miss me right now.

Don't let him rest until he comes looking for me, or until he looks for me desperately. That his only desire is to be by my side and love me as I deserve to be loved.

Sow despair in his mind and cleanse his heart of any pride or selfishness that keeps him from missing me.

Oh! Blessed saint of the Lord, please do not forsake me, for under your blessing I will be able to achieve prosperity in love.

I ask you to make him miss me madly, and make him desperate to be with me. I leave everything in your hands, my holy protector. Amen”


Say this prayer every day, preferably at night, and pray with great faith that your request reaches the angels of yours.

These two prayers are very strong, do not pray them in vain, as they will work whenever they are invoked. You can light a candle if you like.

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