Prayer for him to suffer from homesickness

Today we have prepared a strong prayer for him to suffer and miss you crazy just thinking about you, and wanting to run after you.

This prayer will make you travel into his mind and dominate his thoughts, making him go crazy with longing.

Say this prayer every night, and pray with a lot of faith, that you can travel into his thoughts and dominate him by the soul.

Prayer for him to suffer from homesickness

"Sir! I want to thank you for being by my side at all times, for taking care of me and protecting me, today I come to you, with all my trust and hope placed in you.

To beg you to help me make the (say his name) keep me in your thoughts, that you suffer from longing, when you wake up you remember me, that during the day my image comes to your mind and when you sleep that you dream of me.

I kindly ask you to miss me with love, tenderness and sincere feelings, do not allow other people or circumstances that want to cause harm to interfere with your mind and push me away from your feelings.

Lord, I beg you, if it's your will, that every day he feeds on this, that he suffers because of this longing for me, allow him to miss me, want to see me, hear me and always have me by his side.

May he not have peace at any time without being by my side, may he suffer madly from longing and come to me.

I express my total gratitude, because I know that you listen to me and answer my call, in your hands I place this humble prayer, which I offer you from the heart, and with faith I hope, amen.”

Prayer to make a man miss you crazy

“Dear Savior and King of Kings, you know I am immensely grateful for everything you do for me each day, but there is one favor I must ask of you through this prayer.

There is a man called (this man's name) who I can't stop thinking about, so I have no choice but to ask you for help to drive this man crazy missing me.

With your help and this prayer, I know we're going to make it, make this man (say his name again) go crazy missing me with all your heart desperately.

I couldn't get him to notice me, and he has no idea how bad he makes me feel without being with him.

But I know that all is not lost between us because I have your infinite goodness, love and affection, and I pray for your powers. I know anything is possible and more.

Make him (say his name) go crazy with longing and look for me urgently, call me or text me, desperate as a lamb. Amen”

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