prayer to forget a love

Praying heals the soul and is a great way to get rid of burdens that are in our hearts, and today you will know the prayer for forget a love.

Love doesn't always make us happy, sometimes we love people who cause us bad feelings and we want to forget them forever.

In order for you to be able to forget that love, it is important that you are sure that this is the best decision, and that you remain firm and strong in your fight.

prayer to forget a love

“My dear and good God, today I come to your presence through this prayer to seek your comfort and help in this very difficult time for me.

Dear God, I ask that you help me forget a love that has caused me so much pain, and that I need to be released from that love.

I ask you to free me from the pain of remembering our times together, both the good and the bad.

I ask you my lord to come here help me to forget the (say the name of the person), once and for all. That person out of my thoughts.

I beg you please help me move forward and do your Will to find happiness. Help me move on and find another worthy love.

Touch my heart and guide me so that I can find a sincere love that brings me happiness, because I have faith that I will still be happy.

I beg you to be my shepherd father and show me the best paths to follow, away from so much pain and suffering.

I trust in your divine power to help me in this moment that I need so much, and that's why I leave this prayer in your hands.

My request is small compared to your infinite power. May your will be done in Jesus name. Amen"

How to say the prayer to forget a love

Whatever the reason, know that with these prayers to forget a love. you will be able forget the person in a short time and without much difficulty.

To say this prayer, you need to focus all your faith and think only of positive things to attract good energies.

We also recommend saying this prayer periodically, to further increase the chances that it will be heard and answered.


Although God teaches us to love one another, we cannot deny the fact that this love can sometimes cause us pain and sadness.

This prayer will help you to have a happier life and forget about this love forever. So you can move on and meet new people.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you have enjoyed our strong and powerful prayer to forget a love.

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