Prayer for a husband to value his wife

In marriage, the husband must always value his wife, and it is rather sad when a man he doesn't know how to value his wife.

To deal with this sad situation seen here we can only resort to the power of prayers, so that divine power can intervene for us.

Leave everything in Jesus' hands, so that he can give you strength to overcome this sad situation and that your husband can value you.

Prayer for a husband to value his wife

"Dear Heavenly Father, at this moment I stand before your presence and I exalt your great name. I want to thank you in advance for each of the blessings I receive from you daily.

My good Lord, I know that you are the best helper that a person who needs your divine help can have. Today I stand before you, in the first place, to ask you for forgiveness for each of the things I did wrong.

Today I'm here to ask you to help me and my husband to walk the right path, in front of your eyes.

My Lord, my husband does not value me as his wife, and this causes me great pain and anguish, because I love him very much, and I feel that I should be valued.

The Lord knows that I have been the best wife for this man, and how much I have suffered by his side, always valuing him as my husband.

That's why I ask you, my Lord, make my husband reflect and see that he must value me as a wife, by the power of this prayer.

Help me in this very difficult time for me, that the (say your husband's name), can love, respect and value me, as much as I value him, as a man and as a husband.

I thank you Lord because according to your divine purpose it will be the one that will settle down in my life, and I will be able to have that husband who values ​​me as a wife. Today I believe in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen."


Say this powerful prayer every day, starting in the morning and again in the evening, or whenever you can pray.

Know that your faith can move mountains and for that you must pray with all your faith, for God to help you at this moment.

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