Prayer for love to come back today and look for you

Love is that genuine feeling that gives meaning to our lives, losing it can make us unhappy people. Prayer for love to come back today and look for you, keep reading.

Prayers are a search mechanism for answers and solutions in the face of an anguish or affliction problem.

And it is with that in mind that we are going to help you embark on these prayers and pray that your love returns to you even today, we hope you are very happy.

Prayer for love to come back today and look for you

Dear God, (person's name) is for me, help me so that love grows and strengthens, that passion is like a plant that I will be willing to water daily so that it stays alive.

I ask that you still bring him to me and that we never part if it's true love, that he is happy with me alone and doesn't care about anyone else, that in me he finds peace and that support that drives him to be better every day.

At this moment I invoke you to ask for your help and intercession so that you do not allow third parties to separate us or that bad thoughts end up breaking the love and illusion that made us fall in love.

If (person's name) is for me, then give me the strength to keep fighting for him and also give him the strength to follow his heart courageously. For we are together against everything and that manifests itself and seeks me amen.


Love is only possible if two hearts are beating and sharing the same feeling. With the grace of this prayer and your faith you will be able to get your love back.

Don't forget to say thank you after getting your love back so that you are worthy of the blessing bestowed upon you.

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