Prayer to stop raining

Meet strong prayer to stop raining, and be free from floods and disasters that can occur due to heavy rain.

Rain is an action of nature that is quite normal, but just in case it's bothering you. Or causing various harm to yourself, or to other people.

You must resort to strong and mighty prayer to ask for the rain to stop and prevent further damage to you or other people.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for a person to want it to stop raining. There must be a plausible reason why you want this, and that reason will make your request heard.

Prayer to stop raining

“My beloved Father, your son Jesus, Mary and Holy Spirit, I come to you today humbly asking you to stop this rain that is causing damage.

I fear that this rain will put me and my family in danger, I ask that in your holy name, do me the miracle of drying these wild waters.

My plans and many people's plans are being affected by this rain. So I beg you to assuage his fury, so that we can come and go.

For placing your angels on our path, I thank you, if we have come this far, it is thanks to your kindness and love for us. We thank you for giving us health, food, shelter, for giving us life, Lord.

I ask once again that you can stop the rain and allow us to work and build our lives without difficulties, and that the Lord is before us today and always.

I know that rain is quite important. For she brings us the blessed water of heaven. And how necessary it is for the fields of crops that give us food.

But I believe it has rained enough my lord, and so I ask you to stop the rain. May your will be done in Jesus name. Amen.”

How to say the prayer to stop raining

For any prayer that we are going to say, it is important to gather all our faith so that our prayer can be answered by the Lord.

But it's important to remember that if the rain is important, it can still continue to rain according to the Lord's will.

That's why it's important not to get discouraged if the rain doesn't stop, as it may be helping some people, like crop fields and the like.


This prayer of cry will help you to have the blessing of Lord Jesus Christ. He will definitely make this rain stop and all the lives of the people affected by it be restored.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked our prayer to stop the rain faster.

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