Prayer to break the spell, close the body and open paths

There are people of bad faith who cast spells on us, but we can break the spell, close the body and open paths for us to succeed in our journey.

to defeat any spell whatever, we must always resort to the divine power of our mighty God. So that he can defeat any evil being in our life.

Concentrate and think only of positive things while doing this prayer, so that your soul and mind are clean, to open paths.

Prayer to break the spell, close the body and open paths

“Almighty and Eternal Father, Lord my God, today I come before you. To ask to break spells in my life once and for all and open paths in my life.

I know that I have distanced myself from the Lord and that I have not been a good son, I know of my sins, and I ask forgiveness for all the times I have violated your commandments.

My life was invaded by evil spells, which attack me, my peace, my prosperity, my happiness and my life.

In the name of your eternal and divine power, I call upon you to may you break the spell, close my body and open paths to prosperity in my life.

Only your divine power can defeat all these dark forces in my life. Only the Lord has the power to protect me forever.

And make sure my body is closed to all these evil beings. I believe in your power, and I leave my prayer completely in your hands.

My God, don't forsake me right now, I need your blessing, protection, I need your miracle in my life. Take care of me.

I trust in you to be able to answer my request and bless me in these moments that I need your protection, my God. May your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen”


After saying this wonderful prayer, the power of the angels of the Lord will enter to work in your life. To break the spell, closing your body and giving you divine prosperity.

This prayer must be prayed every day for it to be answered. Preferably in the morning and at night before going to sleep. Moment when spirits usually attack.

Rely on pure prayers and avoid any kind of rituals that are not well regarded by the Lord. You cannot defeat evil by doing evil.

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