Prayer to receive money in 24 hours

There are times in our lives when we need money urgently, and for that we can resort to a prayer to receive money in 24 hours.

the prayers they have a very great power, and if we are worthy of a grace we can achieve anything through a good and strong prayer to ask for prosperity and luck.

Gather all your faith and focus only on good things before saying this prayer so that your soul and mind are totally pure from any negative thoughts.

Prayer to receive money in 24 hours

"Almighty God! I want to thank you especially for all the blessings I receive from you every day, for my health, my family and for everything you have done for me.

The Lord knows my needs and knows my difficulties, I know that the Lord knows how much I need what I am going to ask of you in this prayer.

I am going through a very difficult and delicate moment and I need money. With this I come to the Lord to ask that he grant me the record of receiving money within 24 hours.

I know that my request may seem quite impossible to anyone, but knowing the capacity of your infinite power. I know that only you have the power to grant me this help.

I am very grateful for always listening to me and for answering my prayers. Even if at times I don't deserve it, because of my bad behavior at times.

I ask that my Lord grant me his grace and that prosperity may come to me. And that I can get this money that I need so much in 24 hours.

My beloved Lord, I fully trust that you love me and that you seek the best for me, I also praise and adore you. Not just today for needing your help, but for every day of my life.

I ask you on my knees, my good and merciful God, to bring me the solution, to allow me to calm my anguish. And my desperation for this money that I need so much right now.

I leave this prayer in your hands, as I fully trust that my request is in the right hands, and I ask that you answer my request. May your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen."


A prayer to ask for money or to ask for prosperity must be done with all the heart and with all the faith of the person, so that your request is accepted.

If you really need to receive that money and that you have pure plans with it. I'm sure your request and your prayer will be answered and you will be able to receive the money you need so much.

Despite needing that money in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it may take longer for it to arrive, which will require a little more patience and not lose faith.

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