Prayer to separate two people in 24 hours

There are several reasons why you might want to separate two people in less than 24 hours. And a strong prayer from Saint Cyprian can help you with that.

sometimes we need separate two people quickly, as they represent a danger being together, and therefore we must separate them as quickly as possible.

No matter what the reason is motivating you, we are just here to help you get your prayer to the Lord.

Prayer to separate two people in 24 hours

“Mighty and merciful Saint Cyprian, today I come to you through this prayer to ask for your divine help in a very urgent situation.

I know of your power and your ability to bestow blessings on those who come to your kingdom to ask for your divine intervention.

With your Holy power given by God, I am firm and confident that you can help me achieve this grace that I need so much in my life.

I need you to separate two people in less than 24 hours, because you know the reasons why I want these people to separate.

Mighty Holy Saint Cyprian, I ask you to separate (say the name of the first person) and the (Say the name of the second person).

These two people cannot be together, I want them to separate as soon as possible, that each one can go his own way.

That they don't want to see or talk to each other, that they separate forever and that their paths never cross again.

Only in You do I trust to help me with my request, for your holy power can intercede for me. May your will be done in Jesus name. Amen."

How to Say the Saint Cyprian Prayer to Separate a Couple in 24 Hours

This prayer will be dedicated to St. Cyprian being known as the saint of love, and we believe he can help you with this issue.

Focus and together and all your faith in this strong and powerful prayer. Trying to think only of positive things and avoiding negative thoughts.

After saying this prayer you will have to sit and wait for the results. Remember that for a prayer to work, you must be worthy of receiving help.


Prayers that involve time, sometimes tend not to work within the expected time, and it may take longer than you think.

In these cases, you must not lose faith and remain firm in your goal, so that your prayer is not negatively affected.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked it and understood how to say the prayer to separate two people in 24 hours.

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