Prayer to take away someone's anger

Anger is a feeling that not only hurts you, but also the person you are feeling this anger towards.

Holding a grudge against someone is very wrong, because the bible tells us to forgive others, but when it gets hard to get that feeling out of your heart.

So we only have one option left, which is to ask the Lord to help us get rid of that anger inside you.

Prayer to take away someone's anger

“Dear God, you know how I fight the anger in my heart and how I continue to hate those who have hurt and mistreated me in so many ways.

Lord, my anger is so deep in my soul that sometimes I feel like my head is exploding and I know it's not right to hold anger in your heart.

I know, Lord, that there's no way I can control my own anger, because I've tried and failed so many times... I can control myself for a while and then I feel like I'm about to explode inside again.

I know I need to deal with the very root of my anger, so I ask You to help me remove the anger I feel toward (Persons name) help me, Lord.

Lord, I know that the only way to deal with my anger is to keep my heart and thoughts focused on you, who took the punishment for all my sins.

Help me release this anger I feel for this person, and that I can overcome this feeling that only brings anguish in my heart.

I know that forgiveness, real genuine forgiveness towards those who have hurt me so much, is the way to deal with the root of the problem. Help me to say as you said on the cross, father, forgive them and make my heart reach out to you.

I confess to you my anger, Lord, I ask you for forgiveness and I believe in myself a clean heart, a heart that forgives, I ask you my Lord. Amen”


This prayer has a very strong power and it will certainly work for you to make your request before the Lord.

Do this prayer at night, twice a week, until the anger starts to fade from your thoughts of this person or yourself.

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