Prayer for one person to be angry with another

For different reasons, we may want to separate two people who, for different reasons, cannot be together and must be angry with each other.

And to achieve this feat, we have to resort to the help of prayer, so that ancestral beings can intercede for us.

This powerful prayer has the power to shape our desires and make them come true, as the saint we invoke is very strong.

Say this prayer every day until the desired result is achieved. Have a lot of faith and strength, so that the angels can hear your request.

Prayer for one person to be angry with another

“Ohh Holy Mighty, mighty Saint Cyprian, I have a request to make of you, because there is something that worries me, and I need to make one person angry with the other.

I offer this prayer to the spirit of hatred, that the (first person name) And (other person's name) get angry at each other, that they cannot talk, eat at the same table or sleep in the same bed.

If they are together, the anger between them will be eternal. I ask you to part your ways,
invoking the strength of the 4 winds to separate the paths of the two, taking one of them far away from the other.

This with the strength of the spirit of hatred that (first person name) And (other person's name) cannot communicate, that between them there is only anger, war, destruction, separation, that their relationship is like a withered flower.

That this relationship between (first person name) And (other person's name) be definitively broken and that the spirits of hatred be the ones who do justice in my favor.

I offer and invoke this prayer from the spirit of hatred to you, holy guardian angel, to instill in these people anger, resentment, distrust and total separation from one another.

And may you give birth in each of them a mortal hatred and infinite distrust, so that they never remember the name of the other without feeling hatred, anger and resentment.

Mighty Saint Cyprian, I ask that you answer my request, and make this separation complete and immediate at this very moment. May his will be done. Amen”

How to pray for one person to get angry with another

The prayer to the spirit of hatred is very powerful and effective in separating two people, causing the person to become angry with the other.

Say the people's names in a firm and strong voice so that this prayer will have a strong impact. You can light some candles to help with prayer.

Concentrate on the names of the people you want to separate, preferably saying their full names or first and second names.


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