Prayer to turn a man's head

When I have loved a man intensely, one of the things we most want to do is turn his head and his thoughts.

When we turn a man's head towards us, it will make him focus only on us and his thoughts will be all disposed towards us.

That's why we've prepared this strong prayer to help you turn the head of the man you love and achieve your desire.

Prayer to turn a man's head

"Sir! I want to thank you for being by my side at all times, for taking care of me and protecting me.

I come to you today, with all my trust and hope reposed in you, to beg you to help me turn a man's head.

I ask that you turn your head and your thoughts that everything turns to me. That when he wakes up this man thinks of me, that during the day I am in his thoughts and when he sleeps, that he dreams of me.

I ask you with affection my lord, that when he thinks of me, his love will grow. My Lord, do not allow other people or circumstances to cause interference.

Lord, I beg you, if it is your will, that every day he feeds on this, on pure love for me.

Make him miss me, want to kiss me, want to love, want to see me, hear me and always have me by his side.

Jesus, you are the messenger of God, be compassionate and merciful to me, because I walk with my head down and my soul in pain, but with the confidence that, as a child of God, you will hear me and answer me.

I express my total gratitude to you my lord, because I know that you listen to me and answer my calls

In your hands I place this humble prayer, which I make to you from the heart, and with all my faith. Your will be done, amen in Jesus name.”


This prayer to turn the head of any man it must be done every day, so that its effect can be strengthened.

Have a lot of faith praying this prayer so that your request reaches the Most Holy Lord.

You can say this prayer both day and night, no matter what time it is.

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