pimple dry toothpaste

Toothpaste is known exactly as its name indicates that it is for the teeth, but as not everything seems just what it is.

Some people have discovered that toothpaste can be used for purposes other than those we already know.

We have already mentioned a case of using the whitening toothpaste the skin, and now we talk about using it to dry pimples.

pimple dry toothpaste

Yes, the toothpaste dries pimples, but it is worth remembering that it does not perform any miracle in which the pimple will completely dry up by magic.

It may work for some people, it may not work for others who try this method which is quite simple to do.

But you can try this trick, but don't ignore our recommendations and warnings, so that you don't pass by a serious skin problem.

The first thing you need to do is apply the toothpaste directly to the specific areas of your face where the pimples are. After washing your face thoroughly, follow these steps:

  1. Take toothpaste and put some on your finger, a drop-sized piece.
  2. Apply a little to each pimple you want to remove.
  3. Gently massage this area using circular motions.
  4. Let the toothpaste dry for a few minutes.
  5. If you have sensitive skin, you shouldn't let the paste act for a long time, as soon as you feel that it's dry, remove the paste.
  6. If your skin is not so delicate, you can leave the toothpaste on for a few more minutes after you notice that it has dried.
  7. Now wash your face well with plenty of warm or hot water to remove the toothpaste and make sure you remove everything.

You must remember that if at any time it bothers or itches, it is better to remove the toothpaste immediately.

Precautions when putting toothpaste on the pimple

As we mentioned above, in some cases, something can go wrong, and cause your skin to have an allergic reaction to the toothpaste, and in these cases you should stop the process.

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun during this process, and try to do the same at night;
  • If you start to feel very itchy in the area, remove the toothpaste immediately;
  • If the pimple area starts to turn red, cancel the process.

Don't keep doing this trick all the time, as it can damage your skin more than it helps.

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