Zamioculca plant spiritual significance

Today we are going to talk about the spiritual meaning of the zamioculca plant, where you will learn more about this plant, originally from Africa.

Knowing the spiritual meaning of a plant helps us to know if we should grow it in our house or if it is better to keep it away from our lives.

The zamioculca plant, with its broad, attractive, dark green leaves, which is drought tolerant and accepts low light conditions without stunting its growth.

Zamioculca plant spiritual significance

Zamioculca is known as the money plant or the Fortune plant, as many believe that growing this plant in your home or having it in your office will attract a lot of money and prosperity.

The zamioculca plant spiritually means stability and growth in the financial area, and represents the spirit of peace and harmony where they were placed.

This plant in different corners of the world receives different names, such as, for example, plant of eternity, plant of Fortune, plant of Good Luck, among other names.

The zamioculca plant represents growth, as it is a plant that grows slowly, it does not detach, which makes it the spiritual symbol of growth based on focus.

The zamioculca plant is considered lucky and its evergreen growth can be associated with wealth, capital, assets and can grow in low light and less water. Which leads to constant and long-term growth in life.

Benefits of the zamioculca plant at home

In addition to having a very strong and very positive spiritual meaning for the lives of those who cultivate this plant. It has other benefits in addition to those already mentioned.

  • This plant is known to purify the air;
  • For keeping people more humorous
  • Be attractive for decoration
  • In addition to being able to be used in some medicinal cases

Grow this plant without any worries, as it is one of those good and giving plants. very lucky. Different from plants like the cactus that bring a lot of bad luck.

Lucky or unlucky zamioculca plant?

As we have already said, this is a plant that brings a lot of luck to the person who cultivates it or to the people who live in the same environment in which it is.

So you can keep this plant in your home or office without any problem, it will only bring good things into your life, attracting good energies.


People usually like to place one or two types of plants in the office or at home and wish them the good luck it brings. This is true, she will attract good luck in this place.

We hope that you liked our article and that you understood what the spiritual meaning of this plant is.

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