You can drink after getting a tattoo

Many questions arise after getting a tattoo, for example, can you drink after getting a tattoo?

It's a common question for alcohol consumers and it makes a lot of sense to have this kind of doubt, as you don't want to harm your tattoo.

In this article, I will clarify this subject in a deeper way and let you know more about what you can and cannot do after getting a tattoo.

You can drink after getting a tattoo

No you can drink after getting a tattoo, because at that moment the body needs to dedicate itself to healing the open wound that was opened in the tattooing process.

You can only drink after getting a tattoo after 48 hours (2 days) who got the tattoo. Before that it is not recommended to drink.

Alcohol acts like a poison in the human body, and our body's intention is to expel this substance. In order for it to be effective, it spends nutrients and minerals that would be needed to accelerate the healing process.

Know that consuming alcohol after getting tattooed is not a good idea, in addition to compromising your skin's healing process, it acts against your well-being and your health.

Myths about alcohol and tattooing

As with any other procedure, there have always been some myths related to this subject, and we will try to talk about the most common ones about tattoos.

  • Many people consume alcohol during the tattooing process and after this process, in the belief that it helps to eliminate the pain that is felt in the process.
  • Alcohol helps the body not reject the chemicals injected into the epidermis during the tattooing process, which is a complete lie.
  • Alcohol does not affect anything either in the tattoo process or consumed after the tattoo, this is not true.

Truths About Alcohol After Tattooing

Below Let's cite the effects of alcohol on your tattoo, mentioning how alcohol acts harmfully on your tattoo.

  • In turn, alcohol increases blood flow, which will cause the tattooed area to bleed more than normal.
  • Alcohol slows down the healing process, and can affect the tattoo's appearance after healing is complete.

Precautions to take after getting a tattoo

Some tattoo artists always leave some recommendations after doing the procedure, but others end up forgetting to warn about alcohol consumption.

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and other types of drugs
  • Keep the tattooed area clean and dry, allow air to circulate and not feel tight.
  • Follow the letter, all the recommendations of your tattoo artist and do not be negligent.


It is good to know and bear in mind that a tattoo is like any other wound, you need to respect its healing time.

Wait for the healing to complete so that you can consume alcohol without compromising this process and without damaging your tattoo.

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