Can you date at 9?

There are many disagreements about the beginning of dating or when it should start, and whether a child can date at age 9 or not.

For both parents and children, it is always important to know when it is recommended to start dating, and how to start dating.

It is necessary to be very careful and attentive to issues related to dating in adolescence, as this may affect your child's future.

Can date with 9 years old

Children start to be interested in dating in their teens, they can start dating in the 12-14 year age range.

9 years old can't date, as well as being prohibited by law. At that age the child has not yet developed enough to be aware of what he will be doing.

Parents must be vigilant and monitor the type of relationship they have, follow up and give them instructions on what they can and cannot do at this age.

It's always good and I recommend always being on top of any relationships your child may have. Not imposing limits on your children can have serious consequences.

Whether in adolescence or youth, so that you can be aware of the dangers you may be facing and provide the appropriate guidance.

What is the right age to start dating?

The right age to start dating doesn't exist, but that will depend on how physically and psychologically the person is ready to date.

Childhood dating usually starts between the age of 12. Being that dating a little more serious usually occur around the age of 16.

Know how to set dating boundaries

Teen dating can be allowed as long as parents are aware of what happens and know how to set limits.

Among them we have some about sex life. See below what you can put as a limit at that age.

  • Limit nocturnal encounters, and behind closed doors, the ideal is that at this age dating is more open and that you can explore knowledge and live more with other people.
  • Sex only later is a very early stage for sexual involvement, parents as well as other guardians should always teach them about sexuality and how to prepare for the future.
  • Children cannot date even as a joke, so prevent children below this stage from trying to date, 12 years old and under is not a good idea.

When kids start dating as teenagers

In the first place, dads must be safe and leave behind all doubts and insecurities, so that they can adopt a firmer posture and that of mentors.

  • Monitor the activities of the children and know the level of approximation and progress that the teenagers are making during the process.
  • Check that everything is going well, that no limits are being exceeded and that all guidelines are being respected.
  • Talk about sexuality regularly and be open to answering questions and talking about it.


Regardless of whether or not you are a doting mother or father, you should always be prepared and know that this dating phase will always start in your child's life.

The best thing you can do is to be like a mirror and reflect all the best practices so that everything goes smoothly.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked it and understood if a 9 year old can date.

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