Because I attract younger men

Did you notice that you have attracted men younger than you and now you've been wondering why you attract younger men.

Generally we expect men our age, or older men to be attracted to us and not the other way around.

But when we're not that it's only younger men who are most attracted to us, we start to have certain doubts.

Because I attract younger men

Let's try to get inside the heads of younger men, to try to understand what makes them attracted to an older woman.

Most of the time, younger men are attracted to an older woman. because you're pretty and attractive, and that attracts younger men.

Many younger men find that dating an older woman has many benefits for them.

In addition to the benefits, here we will mention below, there's also the issue of being a woman who looks younger, making them think you're younger.

Attracting younger men has a positive side to it, as it means you are still well cared for. For younger men are always looking for women who are up to date.

There is not just one answer to this question, as there are several possibilities. Let's list the reasons that can answer this question why I attract younger men.

1. You are very attractive

The reason most younger men want a woman who is older than them is if she is very attractive.

Perhaps you have leather because they love it, or that despite your age you are still as attractive as a young girl.

2. You are very beautiful

Being attractive and being beautiful can come down to different things in men's eyes. Attraction to a man can involve a woman's entire body.

Being that when he thinks you're beautiful, it may only have to do with your face. Younger men are more attracted to beauty.

3. You look their age

Another reason why most young men are attracted to a woman who is older than them is when she appears to be young.

First phase they might look at you and think you're still young. But even after they know your age, since they were already interested, they may still be interested.

4. You are older

The fact that you are an older woman is what makes younger men attracted to you.

These men may be tired of having relationships with younger women and having problems. With that they end up looking for older women.

5. You have money

Younger men are more attracted to money than older men, here they usually have their own source of income.

I know they can come close to having to be gigolos, that is, men who live at the expense of women.

6. You are “lucky”

Sometimes there are no explanations to explain a certain situation, that is, things just happen.

It could be a case of just having this gift of attracting younger men, not for a specific reason, but because it just happens.

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