Because he squeezes me when he kisses

During the kiss, you may notice him squeezing you tighter or grabbing you. It can be painful when performed too hard or if you are a weak person.

But when he kisses you and hugs you tightly, it shows security and that he really likes you and your kiss. Understand more about this gesture and discover its meaning.

Men squeeze women when kissing, as it makes them feel more pleasure. They like to feel that feeling of having you in their arms.

Because he squeezes me when he kisses

When he squeezes you when kissing, it means he is enjoying the kiss and that you're leaving him excited and with more pleasure with your kisses.

Men press when kissing because he is feeling a lot of pleasure at that moment and also to be able to feel your body closer to his, feel his heat, his vibrations and enjoy the moment more.

Basically he wants to feel more pleasure while he enjoys the wonderful kiss you are giving him at that moment, for him it's the feeling of holding something he likes.

The same happens when we are going to hug a person, whom we like very much and have not seen for a long time. The hug will be as tight as possible to feel the emotion of the moment.

Have you seen that when a woman feels pleasure, she grabs the sheets tightly or squeezes the man tightly, basically it's for the same reason he squeezes you when kissing, for pleasure.

What does he feel when he squeezes you tight

When he squeezes you tightly during the kiss, a comforting chemical called oxytocin is released into his body.

This toxin is known as the 'love hormone' because it makes people feel more connected to each other, increasing their desire for love.

This feeling occurs whenever two people hug, regardless of the types of hugs or romantic affection involved.

That's a great reason for him to hold you tighter when kissing, even if it's just a light squeeze, it has great power to make him more attached to you.


If he squeezes you too lightly during the kiss, that's pretty normal and it's a good thing. Because it means that he is enjoying the pleasure to the fullest with you, at that moment.

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