Because man likes to kiss neck

Kissing is something so good that it awakens feelings and desires, men often like to kiss women's necks and this causes a lot of doubt about its meaning.

the kiss in neck is something erotic that quickly stimulates the brain to think naughty things. And most of the time this type of kiss is used to sexually stimulate someone.

Men love to create sensations and desire in women and it is common for them to use this kiss to get what they want.

Because man likes to kiss neck

The man likes to kiss on the neck, because it is a sign of desire, provocation, because he knows that this part is sensitive, and that makes the woman more excited.

It's for the same reason other men are so fond of kissing on the mouth and on the breasts. Because these areas are linked to desire, and they awaken crazy sensations in women due to the shivers they cause when touched.

Another reason is the fact that they can smell it through their neck, as this area usually has a natural perfume or the smell of hair.

Just as a woman's hair is a lever of pleasure and pain, a woman's neck is a very intimate and frightening place to handle.

If a woman lets a man touch her hair, it means she is very interested in the guy. See below some sensations that cause kisses on the neck:

1. To give you the creeps

The neck area is a very sensitive region due to the frequency with which it can be touched. Few times a day we touch this region and that makes it a touch-sensitive area.

When someone's breath approaches this area it creates a sensation that makes many women shiver and it awakens other feelings in her.

2. To increase your sex drive

Kisses in their natural order when given with feeling and intensity create sexual desire. The kiss on the neck is no different, it causes more tension in the woman due to the shivers he will feel.

The desire to have sex grows and is fed by those little touches that are made on the neck and almost always ends up in sex.

3. Increases intimacy

Whenever a man kisses a woman's neck there is intimacy between the two, the neck kiss is something intimate that a man doesn't do to any woman.

It needs to be a person who is very close or who he really wants to have for himself. This type of kiss creates a bond between the two and over time it can be frequent or lead to other situations.


However, if a man has given you a big kiss on the neck and you're not sure what it means, don't worry, this man has feelings for you.

Go deeper and try to get to know him to determine his real intentions and don't feel offended, as this is a show of affection. If you didn't like it, let him know so he doesn't repeat it again.

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