Why can't I comment on instagram

Instagram limits the number of comments that users can make to avoid cases of spam.

If you've tried to comment on Instagram and failed, it's likely that you've reached your daily comment limit.

Instagram places daily limits on engagement activity on your account. This is to protect against spammers using unethical growth tactics.

Why can't I comment on instagram

The most common reason for not being able to comment on instagram is that you were prevented by instagram from commenting, because you have already commented several times, or for repeating the same comment.

If you can't comment on instagram, first restart your phone and try again, then try switching from mobile data to wifi and finally try updating your app to the latest version.

Below we list the various reasons why you cannot comment on Instagram.

  1. It could be a glitch on Instagram. Try closing the app or phone.
  2. Internet connection is not good enough.
  3. The post has had comments disabled or limited to specific people.
  4. Instagram is currently offline.
  5. You're doing too many things at once (likes, comments, following, unfollowing).
  6. You mentioned more than 5 people in a single comment.
  7. You have included over 30 #hashtags in a single comment.
  8. You posted left duplicate or similar comments.
  9. You have a new account and you are commenting on several large accounts.
  10. You wrote banned words or phrases on instagram.
  11. This account blocked a word you used in your comment

Try Changing Your IP

A simple trick if you are using an iPhone. go to your configurações -> General -> Reset -> Reset network settings🇧🇷 And you can try to comment again.

If you are using an android phone, go to the playstore and download a vpn app.

how many times can i comment on instagram

Instagram allows you to comment only 15 times every hour on instagram. After that, you may be prevented from commenting again.

The Instagram algorithm allows you to comment about 180-200 times daily before it stops you from commenting on Instagram.

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